• Antonia

Twelve. release their riffy new indie-rock single, 'You Don't Mind'.

Northern three-piece 'Twelve.' have returned with their sophomore single 'You Don't Mind'. The lads are throwing it back with a good old noughties-infused, nostalgic indie rock sound that is a little tongue-in-cheek but seriously addictive.

The trio's Northern charm shines through with casual yet melodic vocals that have oodles of personality and deliver their candid and witty lyrics perfectly. 'She's not the apple but she's in your eye' sings vocalist Luke Ryder, in a cheeky way that'll keep you coming back for more. They keep their instrumentation simple but punchy with infectious rhythm guitar that amplifies their clean-cut riffs beautifully.

This track is sure to be a floor-filler at live performances and hopefully it's not long before the trio are gracing the great Northern stage.

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