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SloMo Casino share their colourful debut EP 'Marshmallow'

Stockport alt-pop/soul duo have been making a notable imprint on the Manchester music scene with their addictive melodies and catchy choruses. The pair started making music through exchanging drunken voice notes and a year later, they are ready to share the fruits of their labour.

The EP's title track 'Marshmallow' sees the duo explore love and lust through their rose-tinted musical lens, characterised by breezy falsettos and wing-spreading choruses. A delightful listen from start to finish, the EP feels like the start of something truly special for the dynamic duo.

Talking about the EP, Slomo Casino share: “The EP was initially written almost entirely remotely over the past year, ignited from extreme boredom at the start of the pandemic. We had wanted to create music together for ages but having nothing else to do helped kickstart the project. We recorded almost everything in Jonny's home studio using one microphone, the only thing we took to a studio was the drum parts and they were recorded here in Manchester at Blueprint studios, where artists such as Elbow frequently record.”

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