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sleepyhead release their addictive new single 'Centrefold'

Off the back of their latest single ‘Long Goodbye’, sleepyhead return with their melancholic, singalong wonder ‘Centrefold’. It’s almost hard to believe that the track was written, recorded and produced in their Manchester apartment as the multi-layered, infectious sound they’ve achieved has such a professional edge. The duo fuse ear-worming guitar riffs with huge, euphoric choruses and warming melodies as well as subtle nods to the Manchester 80s music scene.

Speaking of their new single, Sleepyhead share: “We’d been out one night and the next morning we started messing around with some guitar riffs that eventually became the backbone of the song. By the end of the day we had a full demo and we knew that this had to be on our next EP. We wanted to fuse the sounds of 80s indie rock with the 2000s sound that we love so much and we hope we did it justice!”

Sleepyhead’s refreshing DIY approach to their music has received attention from curators all over the globe and the pair have built up a substantial following on Spotify alone. The duo, Seb and Matt, met in high school in Warrington, UK, and after completing their respective degrees, joined up in Manchester three years ago.

Sleepyhead have garnered attention from Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing Manchester, XS Radio), been awarded Landr’s ‘Rising Artist’ title and have proved popular among Spotify playlist curators. They’re now looking forward to taking the next step with their music and showcasing it to a wider audience whilst keeping the values that their music began with.

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