• Antonia

Marco Tamimi releases his blissful new pop track 'All I Know'

Pure delicate, heartfelt pop, Marco Tamimi's smooth and raw vocals and personal lyrics build towards a minimal yet euphoric chorus where Tamimi's vocal range sits perfectly. Stunning melodies take centre stage as Marco laments over helping a loved one through a dark time, beautifully produced and with some serious singalong ballad potential, Marco Tamimi is onto a winner.

Speaking more about the meaning behind his new release, Marco reveals: “The song is about wanting to show to someone that you're there for them, and that no matter what pain or difficulties they're going through, past or present, you want to be the person to help them get through it. You want to help carry the burden, and that, ultimately, you care about them. Sometimes it's hard to let yourself open up to other people, and that's what 'All I Know' is about.”

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