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Lukewarmdaily96 Achieves Folk-Synthpop Euphoria with his debut EP ‘Cluck’.

Irish singer-songwriter Lukewarmdaily96 released his debut single ‘Peaching’ in July to a very positive reception and quickly grew a substantial fanbase, all itching for more of his off-beat, acoustic-synth hybrid sound. The Cork native returns with his five-track debut EP ‘Cluck’ featuring the single ‘Poison Apple’, bursting at the seams with sweet, intertwining guitar melodies and the contrasting euphoria of spacious, ethereal electro sounds.

‘Poison Apple’, the opening track, introduces us to Lukewarmdaily96’s sound with a clashing-chord, indie pop sound with lashings of folk twang and instrumentation. String synths give this track a timeless feel with contemporary flair. Lukewarmdaily96 elaborates: “[Poison Apple] is about recklessness. I’ve definitely been a reckless person and it’s probably the loudest part of my personality so it’s fitting that it would be the loudest song on the EP”. The chaotic yet ear-worming musicality aptly reflects Lukewarmdaily96’s lyricism and Alex G fans will certainly relish this track.

At the opposite end of the folk-pop spectrum is ‘Nov’ a luscious, acoustic track with female vocal harmonies. Lukewarmdaily96 gets creative with his chord sequences, creating a melancholic, bittersweet sound infused with emotion and ear-tickling, whispery yet melodic vocals.

The EP concludes with ‘Peaching’, a relaxed track with gentle acoustic strums, mellow electric guitar sounds and lo-fi piano motif that concludes with a layered, vocal ending that echoes through the soul. The EP ends with the repeated lyric ‘I’m bruisin’ with you’, a line that is almost an accumulation of Lukewarmdaily96’s sound, sweet but not without the emotional pain that gives this EP its distinct character.

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