• Antonia

Jboi causes a stir with punchy production and fierce lyrics on his new track 'MY ATTIRE'

Genre-bending and fast-paced, 'MY ATTIRE' is the latest release from Californian producer Jboi. Boasting energetic beats and irresistible bass, in just 1 minute and 46 seconds, 'MY ATTIRE' makes quite an impact.

In his own words, Jboi describes the single as: “Capturing the essence of the 80's/90’s & teasing my upcoming EP 'Staccato Sounds', confident, sassy & playful female vocals weave between thick synth bass & 90’s planet rock 808s for an electro-breakdance/hip-hop-dance sound with a modern twist.”

Jboi's throwback sound and super-slick production is super fresh and highly addictive stuff.

Emerging out of the South Bay of Los Angeles, Jboi has made a name for himself by creating a diverse discography that pushes the boundaries of people’s expectations. Beginning his career as a DJ playing hip-hop and R&B in dive bars and college events, Jboi quickly migrated to bigger venues. Fusing pop and dance music with sensual rhythms and his signature ‘staccato sound’, he has performed alongside artists such as RJ, VenessaMichaels, Eptic and Borgore.

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