• Rory Sanger

Brighton Rock Trio School Disco share their new single 'Poison'

Brighton-based noise rock outfit School Disco return with their new single, ‘Poison’, ahead

of their sophomore album, 'Head’s Still Here', out 17th September.

Lead singer and guitarist, Rory Lethbridge, is evidently a discipline of Black Sabbath guitarist,

Toni Iommi, heard in the rumbling distortion, dropped tuning and devilish tritone chord

changes of Lethbridge’s power-chord guitar riff, which sets a brutal, menacing tone for the

track. ‘Poison’ could almost be an outtake from Sabbath’s 1972 album, Vol. 4.

Following the solo guitar intro, the bombastic triplet shuffle of drummer, Luke Shaw, and

the droning bass of Troy Holt, offset the track further into ominous territory. The lead vocals

are somewhat obscured underneath a stereo wall of distorted guitars, which perhaps

diminishes the seriousness of the song’s meaning: the stigma surrounding celebrities with

addiction and mental health issues.

Nonetheless, on ‘Poison’ the band display a compelling balance of noise, garage, and

psychedelic rock and a performance of raw and powerful instrumentation. Their upcoming

record will certainly be one to look out for.

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