• Antonia

Alexnder Luna gives us a lesson in genre-defying, atmospheric beats with his new EP 'Night Moves 2'

Alexnder Luna’s eclectic music-making makes for quite the sonic experience. The Californian musician’s new EP ‘Night Moves 2’ incorporates elements of funk, jazz, smooth house and samples that seriously amp up the groove. With elements of throwback R&B, this genre-defying EP is sure to be a hit with a varied demographic of listeners. The final track, ‘Frozen’ featuring Blutori, was a real stand out for me- fusing the chilled-groove instrumental sounds of previous tracks with a super-catchy vocal melody that is simply irresistible.

Talking about the new EP, Alexander Luna shares: “I really want to create art that people can get lost in. Whether that be dancing or crying. I want to be known as the main artist rather than just a producer for a song. A big inspiration for that would be someone like Kaytranada. While accomplishing that I also hope to continue scoring films, acting, and directing music videos. Do what you love!”

This is Alexnder Luna’s second EP since he appeared on the scene in 2017. The EP is certainly easy listening but if you dig a little deeper, Alexander Luna’s sound has a subtle complexity.

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